Sara Cosgrove

Associate Consultant - Behavioural Coach


Sara Cosgrove has extensive experience across the corporate and educational sectors in Ireland. A trained Behavioural Coach, her specialties include; implementing a coaching structure, developing a leadership mindset, creating strategic change, and accelerated learning for peak performance.

Working as a coach, facilitator, and trainer to management in transition: bringing clarity to their thinking and sustainable strength to the coaching and management structures they put in place.

Currently coaching and training people and teams in a range of organisations such as McDonalds, Bank of Ireland, Teagasc, NewsWhip, J.P. Morgan, and Maynooth University. Sara has also lectured on Leadership, Change and Organisational Development on the Personal and Management Coaching MSc. (University College Cork).

 A trained Behavioural Coach (IPPS), Sara is also accredited with The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ as a licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner. Sara obtained her BA in Economics from University College Dublin and has a Postgraduate in Public Relations. She is an accredited agent of BIAC Profiles, a Personal Effectiveness Process that is linked to respected Psychological Theory (Ellis 1959), which provides performance improving behaviour.